About Elo Entertainment Inc.

Elo Entertainment is a small company innovating in statistical and analytical tools for multiplayer games. Our problems are complex, challenging, and your solutions will reach millions of people.

Our websites include...

Dotabuff: The leading resource for Dota 2 players, offering detailed game information and personal statistics. We are one of the largest community websites for Dota 2 and reach a massive international market of players. We also provide a premium SaaS product.

Overbuff: A popular Overwatch resource that is an industry leader for innovative new ideas in Overwatch statistics.

Fortbuff: Fortbuff is a brand new community site for Fortnite featuring player statistics, streams, and cosmetic items. Mobile first to cater to the Fornite audience, it's the best place to see Fortnite stats and cosmetic items on the web.

Working at here should be fun! The happiness of all employees is of paramount importance to us, which means flexible hours, lots of vacation time and giving you the freedom to do your best work.

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