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Elo Entertainment has a small engineering team and expects everyone to make a big impact. We're looking for a versatile full-stack software engineer to help us in our quest to build the most valuable resources for competitive gamers. You'll lead the charge to build new features, improve existing user experiences and continually improve our websites and apps.

As a software engineer at Elo you will:

This is a full-time remote position. We communicate primarily with Slack (chat and calls) and Email.

We slightly prefer candidates in North America, especially the Austin, TX area.


The most important requirement is that you're passionate about building awesome things for Dota 2 players. Well qualified applicants will satisfy most of the important qualifications and some of the extra credit items below.

Important Qualifications

Extra Credit


Elo uses a variety of technologies, having evolved over many years as our needs have evolved and become more diversified. As an engineer at Elo, we expect you to be able to pick up new technologies and work on projects that need the most attention.

Dotabuff.com is a Ruby on Rails application with a supporting cast of 20+ backend services, almost entirely written in Go. We use Postgres, Riak and Redis for data storage, NSQ as a message broker, and technologies like Chef and Docker for deployment and continuous integration. New front-end work is usually done in React.

Overbuff.com is a Go application with major front-end components written in Typescript. Data is stored in Postgres and Redis, with NSQ as a message broker, and deployed with Chef and Docker.

Fortbuff is an isomorphic Typescript application, storing data in Postgres and Redis. It's deployed to the cloud.

We're big on monitoring, uptime, speed and efficiency. We use hybrid hosting, deploying to both bare metal (about a rack of hardware with 100TB+ SSD storage) and cloud services (like EC2), utilizing the strengths of each to make sure that our sites are fast, reliable and cost-effective.


We're a small team of talented people who want to create great products. We believe in the happiness of everyone contributing to the project, which means competitive compensation, flexible hours and vacation time and giving you the freedom to do your best work. You'll have the chance to solve difficult problems with skilled colleagues and work from wherever you feel most comfortable. You'll have the ability to deploy major new features on websites that reach millions of users. We enjoy it here and so will you!

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